Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrifting for Beginners

After seeing this video on YouTube, I had to share it because the host Sammie D illustrates quick and precise tips on shopping at thrift stores for beginners, but I think it also teaches a thing or two to anyone who is interested in  or enjoy the art of thrifting.

P.S. Please keep me in your prayers! I have been very ill with the flu for approximately a week and counting. The muscle aches I am experiencing feel terrible, as if I received a thousand punches all over my body, and has left me completely bedridden. I am extremely weak and nauseous, my vision is blurry and the constant dizziness that will not go away. Yep... Everything sucks right now! However, I promise I will post another enjoyable read and display more stunning dresses soon. Thanks in advance for your prayers and patience.

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