Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Am a Thriftaholic

Growing up as a teenager in Monrovia, Liberia, I have always found ways to express my sense of fashion by wearing secondhand clothes or "dour-ca-flag" as it is generally called in Liberia. It was preferably the norm then, and extremely affordable. I vividly remembered purchases my mother made for my siblings and me on our choices of clothing from door-to-door-sales women with large bundle of compacted "dour-ca-flag" over their heads as they paraded the estate to sell their goods.

There were also those after school days I spent at the used clothing market strolling up and down narrow walkways lined with merchant stalls in searched of clothes to fit my personal style. As a result, my stylish and beautiful picked clothes I wore out always received many compliments and admiration from my peers at popular entertainment spots I frequented. I realized then, I had and still have a sense of style that is chic and fashionably unique. 

Several years later, I moved to the United States and my first visit to a thrift store was at the Salvation Army in Chicago. I was thrilled and actually taken aback by all the used merchandise of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparels, jewelry, furniture, house wares, books, etc, under one roof which I had not seen before, but I quickly recovered as I walked over to each department and familiarized myself with enthusiasm at their different merchandise, especially those that were on display. I did purchase a few items I liked that fit my budget and thereafter, my adoration with America's Thrift Store was established.

I became a regular visitor and have continued since because my fascination for second-hand chic has led me to incredible finds and the discovery of Goodwill, Value Village, Unique, Mom and Pop's Thrift Store, and Consignment and Vintage Shops through wonderful conversations I have had over the years with fellow thrifters while thrifting.

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