Friday, April 6, 2012

New colors vs Old colors

Hello Everyone and Happy Good Friday!

Old blog colors scheme
Ok readers, I need your help to decide. You know I have made some
changes in colors and layout to the blog, which I love, but I still miss the old blog pink, gray and blue colors scheme shown here because it looked, unique. However, I have come too really like the new gray, gold and white look given that it makes the blog look bright, bold and beautiful. So, please help me choose colors by voting for your choice with the question poll on the upper left side and whichever colors received the most votes will be applied to the blog. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

C. Agatha


Nancy said...

Returning the favor -- love that Pink Chiffon Cocktail Dress, but it would have to be a size 14 not 4 ;).

Thanks for following me!

C. Agatha said...

Thanks! Ooh, I wish the dress was your size, then I'll probably have another sale by now. Glad you stopped by!