Saturday, December 25, 2010

Flapper Inspired Dress! Make a Statement in Red!

Red means Joy! It is one of Christmas' dominating colors including sliver, green, white, and gold. To commemorate this Christmas, I chose this 1920s inspired flapper red dress I bought from a Vintage Clothing Store two weeks ago because the color epitomizes the feel of this special day.

I like this dress because it is simply chic and fun. The difference is that it has a modern twist to the flapper dresses that were worn in that era. It is an attention-grabbing make a statement kind of dress, especially when worn at formal events like a winter wedding, dinner or an after dark Christmas party.

It is best not to over-accessorize because too much can draw attention from the dress so it is better to keep accessories to a minimum. I like the thought of pairing this dress with a navy blue clutch and matching flats or stiletto sandals/shoes either opened-toes or closed in any complementary color.

This beautiful dress is sleeveless with cowl neckline, dropped waistline, and front draped overlay.  At the drop waistline is a beautiful wrap satin sash and attached to it is a satin bow with rhinestones buckle accent. The full flowing flared skirt is knee length and the fabric is soft polyester but looks and almost feels like silk. The measurements are as follows: size 10, bust: 36.5 inches, waist: 35 inches hips: 40 inches, front length: 43 inches.

I do hope you all have a memorable, joyful, and loving Christmas!


Wendy Fabulously said...

I love the 1920's but have no figure for it. You have to be as flat as a washboard everywhere....and I mean everywhere. No boobs, nothing....

Wendy Fabulously said...

btw. Did you see my revamped paintings? Your blog inspired that.

C. Agatha said...

The flapper dress is a classic and elegant look that is flattering on all body types, but would only accentuate your best features if the fit were right. So do not be afraid to try on flapper dresses, you might be surprised at how good it looks on you.

Yes, I did see your revamped paintings; they are unique. I like the before and after framing work you did on some of them. I am glad that my blog was an inspiration for your post. Great job!