Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Thrifty Living

As much as I relish thrifting there were times when I spent my money on shopping and being a shopaholic. I shopped regularly at specialty, department, and resale stores where I hardly left without a purchase.  Usually I paid full price for something I liked because I wanted it then and did not care how much it cost. I had a wardrobe stacked with clothes and shoes that still had their price tags on them that I had not worn along with shelves filled with all kind of books, magazines, music CDs, and movies on display collecting dust. For a while, I felt euphoric, and then it became an obsession until it turned into living beyond my means and eventually left me practically penniless.

During these destructive times, I decided to change my fixation from impulsive shopper to a beneficial hobby and business to supplement my income, so I started selling on eBay then later established “thrifty chic shop” once I got tired of paying eBay all sorts of fees for listing and selling my products. I chose the name ‘Thrifty” for my love of thrift store and because it embodies a kind of lifestyle I wanted to emulate and live daily. To spend less, save more and buy only what I can afford, in others words, live on a budget.

I knew change would not be instantaneous or come easily, but gradually, struggling constantly with my decision to live a thrifty life. As a result, I embarked on this journey of frugal living with the hope of spending wisely. I now only have eyes and love for used and resale clothing except intimate apparel, which is where I draw the line. Other than that I enjoy bargains and I never pay full price for anything because eventually the price drops and not being too attached to something gets me what I want.

Another one of my favorite forms of entertainment besides thrifting, is reading. I like to read novels, self-improvement books and fashion magazines. To save money I do not buy books, magazine subscriptions and movies anymore, instead I check them out at the library. Now, if there is a magazine I must read and can’t find at the library, I just go to Barnes & Noble or Borders and read free for as long as I want. If I want to see a movie at the theater, I only go during reduced ticket price times like matinee.

My rules for food are to shop weekly, get what I need and not what I want at the lowest sale price I can afford. I cook and eat at home or prepare food and take it out. This way, I save more and am not an impulsive shopper. Occasionally I eat out but only when I am having a meal with family or friends.

I am at a pace in my thrifty life that is far from steady but there is progress. The fruit of any labor begins with planting a seed and continuous nourishment to watch it grow. With every effort I put into my venture I know that ultimately the rewards will be sweeter than the actual labor.

Happy New Year Readers! I wish each one of you a blessed and prosperous 2011 and beyond.

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