Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giftable Secondhand Christmas Gifts Ideas

The season to celebrate the birth of Christ and gift giving is upon us and for those who celebrate Christmas and love shopping at thrift store, secondhand gifts are a great idea and a chance to show your exquisite taste to shop for people you love, know and share your passion for thirfting. By purchasing memorable secondhand gifts, you would not find at retail store, whether new or used, you know that your time, efforts, and thoughts put into each gift will be greatly appreciated.

The secret to finding the right gift for anyone in a store where the majority of the merchandise is used, somewhat used, and new is to have patience and time. When you view items carefully, you may find something even better then what you had hoped to find. It helps too if you have little ideas on what each of the persons on your list wants before attempting to shop for them. Knowing this will give you an advantage about what to look for instead of playing the guessing game, but if you cannot find what you want, you may opt for items from accessories, books, clothing, and arts in their prospective departments because these will make suitable gifts for anybody.


Vintage handbags, purses, ties, scarves, and jewelry make great gifts and you can find each of these accessories in certain areas, they are unique and chic. I think it is much easier to shop for men because some men like designer and brand name items, so belts and ties from any one of their favorites would be an awesome gesture.


Books are great gift to give to someone who likes to read. Try to find something from their favorite or another author they have never read, so it would be a surprise. Make sure to read the introduction, prologue, and epilogue before you make a purchase because they give you ideas about how or where the story characters, events begins and ends. If the book you choose makes a captivating and useful read, and is in great condition, chances are whomever you purchase it for would like your choice as well.


Children eventually grow out of their clothes so buying secondhand clothes for them is another great idea. In fact, you can buy multiple children’s clothes and pay less than what you would normally pay for the same amount at retail store. Designer and brand name clothes in excellent condition are my tops gift to give for men and women. Pick women’s dresses, blouses, skirts and men’s jackets, shirts that are slightly used, also make sure to know the color, shape, size, style and taste of the individual before you shop.


Tasteful arts that matches home decor will be more acceptable than those that do not, so pick wisely. There are many different arts to choose from, such as oil and watercolor paintings, drawing, photography, poster, paints, pottery, and sculpture. Do not forget to inspect all goods for flaws such as, stains, wear and tear, chipped, cracked, broken, or damaged prior to buying them. However, if you picked an art, you like and it is in need of minor repairs and you think you can fix it, then by all means, take it home and work your magic.

I hope my suggestions have helped you in your decision to purchase secondhand goods for gifts and remember to clean each items prior to wrapping and presenting them as gift.

Merry Thrifty Christmas and Have a Happy Thrift Shopping!

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